When I started working on the current books series, it was envisioned as a single novel called Avenging Glory. When I realized that I should probably set the scene with a prelude, I titled it The Human Template and called it book one of the Avenging Glory diptych. When it realized that part two was too long to release as a single volume, I decided to break it in three. I called it the Arboreal Realm trilogy. Having now decided to break it into four books so people can read the hard copy books more easily, I reached back into my past – when I had hoped to have a gallery show of my paintings and call it Gods of the New Wilderness. That’s a very fitting title for my book series.

Book Two, In the Tomb of the Testator is written and at the beta reading stage. I expect that there will be changes and revisions to address whatever issues the beta readers catch, but I plan to launch book two by the end of summer 2024.

I’m currently working on the final two books.

So there’s lots of fun stuff in the works. I hope you’ll all join me for it!

My second short fiction collection Psychedelia Noir contains eight stories, six of which have been previously published in various venues and two that are new and exclusive to this collection.

Four by seven inch, 120 page paperback books were not uncommon from the 50s through the 70s, but are seldom seen today. Weighing less than a poor person’s wallet, they can fit into a purse, the back pocket of a pair of jeans or an inside jacket pocket without making you feel like you’re carrying around a manhole cover.

 Watch for more similar publications from me over the next few years.