Dale L. Sproule is a writer who has published over 50 short stories in a wide range of media.

In the late 90’s he co-published/edited a magazine called TransVersionsLiterature of the Fantastic, with his then-wife, Sally McBride. Our poetry editor was Governor General Award winning poet, Phyllis Gotlieb. The magazine sought out work that came at the genre sideways and published work by a wide range of amazing voices, including Gemma Files, Jeff VanderMeer, James Sallis, David Nickle, Stepan Chapman, Robert Sawyer, Hayden Trenholm, Eileen Kernaghan, Sean Stewart, Tom Piccarilli, and D.F. Lewis.

He has been privileged to interview some amazing writers including William Gibson and James Morrow; and has published dozens of non-fiction articles for venues ranging from SF Signal to Books in Canada, from AE Science Fiction to Rue Morgue.

DLSproule is the alter-ego that Dale uses for his stone sculpture, painting and other artwork. Visit http://sculptorstouch.com


Dale L. Sproule : Selected Bibliography 

Collection from Arctic Mage Publishing

17 stories including five original to this collection

The Human Template (novel)
Arctic Mage Press – November 2020

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Fourth Person Singular” 
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Nominated for Aurora Award “Best Short Form Fiction”
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Revised, retitled and republished as 
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Reprinted in Stories from the Near Future 2016

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White on White
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Nominated for the Pushcart Prize
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Along Dominion Road
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with Sally McBride (a Jaynie Razorwings story)
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Psychedelia Noir – Arctic Mage Publishing 2020

“Rated ‘L’ for Legacy”

Psychedelia Noir – Arctic Mage Publishing 2020

“The Headmaster’s Closet”

Psychedelia Noir – Arctic Mage Publishing 2020

“The World’s First Fireproof Woman”

Emanations #9: When a Planet was a Planet 2021

“The Night Reclaims Its Shadows”

Theme of Absence Jan 2022

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“From Out of the Glamour”

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“Behind the Blue Door”

That is ALL Wrong, Offbeat Horror Anthology from Black Hart Publishers Oct 2022


TransVersions – Literature of the Fantastic 1994-1999

The Phone Card Magazine 2002-2003

Canadian Newcomer Magazine The How to Magazine for New Canadians 2004-2014

Non Fiction 

Madly into the Future” (Article) – Books in Canada 1997

Nostalgia for the Future” (William Gibson Interview) – Books in Canada 1998

Dead Asleep” – (About Pillow Scenes an art installation by Mark Laliberte) Rue Morgue 2000

And I will leave You a Trail of Crumbs – The Evolution of Sean Stewart – AESciFi

Stepping Into a Possible Future – Interview with Karl Schroeder – AESciFi

Reviews of William Gibson, Helen Marshall etc. at  AESciFi

How to Find a Job in Canada (Non-Fiction Book) with Efim Cheinis Oxford University Press 2008

Selected llustrations
Northern Frights 5 (Mosaic Press) – cover 
Mulengro – (Frontispiece) by Charles De Lint

Nova Express –  Summer 1989 interior art
Poking the Gun – Collected Poetry of John Grey (Dark Regions) 2000

TransVersions 4 Covers, 5 back covers, 23 interior illos (Art Director) 1994-1999 NFG Magazine – 2 covers 2003-2004Kissing Carrion(Prime Books)/The Worm in Every Heart (Prime Books) by Gemma Files Covers 2003/2006Psychedelia Gothique 2013
Plus illos in DeathRealm, Noctulpa, Scavengers Newsletter, Portents and many others.