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Resurrected 300 years after his consciousness was uploaded into the BioGrid – a vast biological computer, housed in the root network of a genetically engineered forest, Raine Naidu finds himself leading the non-human faction in a war for Earth’s future. Meet the BioGrid, join the battle, and reconsider what it means to be human. The Human Template – Available everywhere Nov 14.

Featured Story

“Memory Games” first appeared in Tesseracts 5, edited by Robert Runté and Yves Meynard.

It was nominated for an Aurora Award that year, and later got some interest from filmmakers looking to make a short film.

“Part of what makes this story so good is that it uses horror to magnify the issues that might already exist in a relationship” Alexander Crommich on Amazon.com

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Meet the Characters:

Adoris and Glory

The Tomb of the Testator was one of the last surviving Wonders of the Technological World. From its foundations at the base of Thacker Mountain, the building rose in a succession of tiers with grassy terraces, all the way to the mountaintop, where a spire had been built to His eternal memory. A corps of Fetchers, called the Pearly Gatekeepers was tasked with preventing the proliferation of saplings and maintaining the fence that kept the Carnivorous Forest from encroaching on the Tomb in particular, and the City of Hope in general.

Thankfully, there were no Keepers in sight, on the warm spring day when nine-year-old, Adoris, stood on one of the upper terraces, exhilarated by her freedom, having just escaped the less-than-attentive gaze of the latest nanny.

From the child’s lofty perch, she could see what seemed like the whole world, the shops and houses in Hope, far below, looking like tiny toys that could be moved or crushed or tossed about at her whims. Gulls wheeled through the deepening blue sky between the looming shadows of the mountains, toward Chilliwack Inlet, where the mighty Fraser flowed into the sea.

The only thing spoiling the majesty of the moment, was the fact that her little sister, Glory, had tagged along during her getaway, and was now descending the slope below her, hopping down a succession of steep staircases, singing and skipping back and forth across each terrace before scampering down to the next level. 

Every call and shout of, “Don’t go too far,” or “Get back here!” was met with gales of giggles that grew fainter, the further the child wandered, until she finally drifted out of earshot altogether. 

With a sigh, Adoris started down the mountainside, stopping every-so-often to shout something like, “Where are you brat?”

Adoris’s alarm began to border on panic, by the time she reached Penance Block on level eight, when the little troublemaker came bouncing out from behind some bushes over by the fence.

“I found some flowers,” announced Glory, waving a bouquet of dandelions in a grubby fist. Her pretty white dress, with its tye-dyed bouquets of colour, was streaked and smudged with dirt. “Make me a neck-a-lace.” 

Adoris had made the mistake of showing off one time, and now Glory – who didn’t have the dexterity, the know-how or the fingernails to split a stem – wanted her to do it at every opportunity.

“There’s no time,” snapped Adoris. “We have to go for dinner, back up there. We’re gonna get in trouble.”

Glory shrugged. “Carry me, Dor.” 

Hardly the dazzler her name implied; Glory was an earnest toddler who trusted unquestioningly, and climb into the lap of any stranger who offered one. A stupid child in other words – who needed constant looking after. A glump.

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