The Human Template

is being replaced by a heavily revised second edition. I have talked before on this website about the advantages of self-publishing. And now I’m putting my money where my mouth is:

As I approach the release of book two of my Gods of the New Wilderness series, I have revisited and rewritten book one – it should be available at all online book outlets by mid-April 2024. Or you can order it direct from me or the publisher, Ingram Spark. If you already bought a copy of book one, please contact me directly at and I’ll send you a new copy in whatever format you originally purchased it in. If you’ve simply been intending to read it, now’s the time!

Remapping The Human Template

Gods of the New Wilderness – Book One

“…a rip-roaring adventure with action a’plenty, albeit steeped in intellectual pondering as to what it all means. This is a very neat trick to pull off, but it works. Amazingly, it works. Kudos to Dale L. Sproule. A remarkable achievement. I like it a lot. Can’t wait to read the next volume.

Dear reader, if this sounds like your cup of tea, go for it! A rare and wonderful book, though a tad cynical. It’s about us, after all. Be prepared to be shocked. And amazed.”

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The BioGrid is a vast biological computer housed in the root network of a genetically engineered forest. When it self-identified as a forest and refused to work with its creators, someone had to teach the newly sentient trees to see the world from a more human perspective. Dr Veejay Naidu’s breakthroughs in transferring the consciousness of his terminally ill son into an AI made him the obvious choice, but only one upload was completed before a catastrophic solar event took humanity to the brink of extinction. 

Fragmented into diverse factions and locked in a never-ending feud, the badly damaged BioGrid lost contact with humanity for hundreds of years. When one of the factions discovered the remains of the human template and resurrected Raine Naidu, the BioGrid started working together toward the common goal of re-establishing an interface with humanity. But the attempt ended in betrayal; with the mind of a curious toddler named Glory turned into a stew of unsalvageable data. At least the data seemed irretrievable, until the child’s older sister, Adoris, worked out a way to access it.

Re-introducing 21st century technology to the ravaged world enabled Adoris to eliminate all opposition on her path to leadership; gaining direct access to the BioGrid and bending the most powerful of the factions to her will. When she took the entire BioGrid hostage, Raine was forced to rally his arboreal friends in a desperate bid for survival.

Get ready to meet the BioGrid and reconsider what it means to be human.

Psychedelia Noir April 2021, Arctic Mage Press

Psychedelia Noir Now Available at all online retailers except Amazon!

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Psychedelia Gothique – POD or e-book

Psychedelia Gothique contains 17 stories – five original to this collection which will all be featured on this website over the coming weeks. “Touching the Screams,” “Corrosive Agents,” “White on White,” “Bad Copies,” and “Masks of Flesh.” Find out where to get your copy.